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  • Welcome

    Welcome to our new website. Putting it up is a bit like moving into a new house while the builder is still finishing work on a number of the rooms. Check back in a week and see how we’re doing with getting the place decorated.

    One new feature we’ve added is this blog, which provides a way for us to share ideas with the leaders we serve in a wide range of sectors. Some of the topics we plan to address on a regular basis are:

    • Creating healthy, sustainable change
    • Clarifying purpose and strategic direction
    • Strengthening employee engagement & alignment
    • Maximizing individual & organizational productivity
    • Developing authentic leaders
    • Building strong, effective boards

    Our plans for the new site also include an expanded Resources section, with practical tools, articles, webinars, book reviews and Web links.

    And, we’ll be sharing stories of some of our client work, with a focus on the transferrable lessons we’ve learned along the way. While much of our work has been with nonprofit organizations and in higher education, we’ll also share stories of the small, medium and large businesses we’ve served over the years.

    Again – welcome, and do visit often…


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