Peter O’Donnell

For more than two decades I’ve appreciated every minute of the opportunity Linda and I have had make a difference together, supporting the extraordinary work of so many critically important organizations and their gifted, passionate leaders. I also feel this was a uniquely productive partnership, with each of us bringing diverse skills but a common heart for our work. I would strongly echo her comments below about our journey together and how much I’ve valued our partnerships

I’ve been dreaming and planning for my next adventure for several years. Through our work with so many organizations, I’ve realized that their greatest challenge going forward isn’t funding, or even strategy… it’s leadership. What the pandemic has taught us is that authentic relationships matter most. Without a commitment to seeing one another as people our results will always fall short of what we could achieve. Results also matter… we need to use those relationships to maximize collaborative productivity. That takes a unique kind of leader… one who can create what we’ve always called healthy change. It’s my sense that we don’t have enough of them today, and we’re not developing the next generation of those leaders fast enough to meet our needs.

That’s why I’m shifting my focus from organizations to individuals and, in particular, high-potential emerging leaders. I plan to invest the remainder of my career in finding, encouraging, and helping develop those leaders.

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Linda Spence

Twenty-one years ago the company that I was working for closed its doors. My boss at the time asked me if I wanted to create a new organization with him to continue delivering consulting and training to the non-profit community. I am so glad I said “yes”!

Peter and I have had an incredible journey creating and managing Healthy Futures Group (HFG)… building training programs, exploring and developing concepts/models, partnering with clients to create strategies in response to obstacles and opportunities, reading and learning from other thought leaders, navigating tough years and appreciating great years. It has been an honour to call him my business partner all this time, and to continue learning from and with him as we collaborated on many fascinating projects.

It has also been an honour to work with so many fabulous not-for-profit agencies and institutions (and a few for-profit ones as well). As a Senior Consultant/Human Resource Specialist I have worked with leaders to help them navigate some of the most challenging HR issues. And this has been the best education. I have endless respect for the important work these leaders do, and I hope that my support along the way has made a difference.

While bringing and end to this important work with HFG tugs a bit on my heart strings, I am excited to blend my knowledge/experience with my passion for performance (acting) and focus now on public speaking engagements, and maybe even writing a book, or two.

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