Experience You Can Count On

Healthy Futures Group was incorporated in 2001 as the most recent form of a consulting practice established by Peter O’Donnell in 1988. A primary focus from the outset has been serving nonprofit and educational organizations – almost 500 to date – with a mix of consulting and training services. Since establishing Healthy Futures Group, we have expanded our work to include a number of businesses of all sizes.

We have learned how to create healthy, supportive workplaces that enable others to produce exemplary results, and we’ve done so while facing the same day-to-day challenges you do.

Peter O’Donnell

Peter, the founder and President of Healthy Futures Group, is a senior consultant with over 30 years, experience in management, senior leadership, teaching and consulting. Peter’s focus is on leading healthy change, improving individual and organizational productivity, and developing leadership capacity. A frequent writer and speaker, he is also a talented facilitator and trainer. Peter balances leadership experience, extensive knowledge of organizational development, and humour to engage, challenge and inspire high-performing leaders to achieve breakthrough results.



Linda Spence

Linda is a Senior Consultant and co-founder of Healthy Futures Group, having previously held numerous leadership roles in the non-profit sector for approximately 10 years. A gifted consultant, facilitator and trainer, Linda has a unique ability to help organizations align their HR policies and leadership practices with their mission, vision and core values. A graduate of one of Canada’s top business schools, Linda combines her experience, skill as a facilitator and trainer, and talents as an actress to create engaging and memorable learning experiences.