Here is our own list of ‘hot docs’ – articles we’ve written, or had written about us. We hope you’ll find these helpful.


Authentic Leadership: Balancing Doing & Being
By James C. Galvin & Peter O’Donnell (The Systems Thinker)




The Healthy Organizations Project

The Healthy Organizations Project: Introduction & Assessment
By Peter O’Donnell (OHPE Bulletin)




Breaking Free

Breaking Free from Blame Addiction
By Peter O’Donnell & Linda Spence (Corporate Training Monthly)




Organizational Learning

Organizational Learning: It’s Not Just for Big Business
By Lauren Keller Johnson (Leverage Points)




Assessing Readiness

Assessing Readiness for Change: Preventing Strategic Failure
By Peter O’Donnell




Shared Accountability

Shared Accountability: Creating a Culture Where Truth Reigns
By Peter O’Donnell




Creating a Climate for Change

Creating a Climate for Change
By Peter O’Donnell