The Difference We Make

Change is a fact of life for every organization. So, what makes our approach unique, and what do we mean by healthy change? Our definition is simple: healthy change is not only good for your organization but also good for the people you depend on to make it happen, and to sustain it over time. Our goal is to equip your organization to achieve this kind of change by giving you the knowledge, skills and tools to do this for yourselves, both now and in the future. Our ‘guides alongside’ approach will help you to assess your current reality, design appropriate solutions, and ensure effective implementation. We’ll equip you not only to lead change and ‘make it stick’ but also to support people through the transitions they must navigate in the process. We’ll help you create a healthy, sustainable future together.

Who We Are

Peter O’Donnell

Peter, the founder and President of Healthy Futures Group, is a senior consultant with over 30 years, experience in management, senior leadership… More >>

Linda Spence

Linda is a Senior Consultant with and co-founder of Healthy Futures Group, having previously held numerous leadership roles in the non-profit sector… More >>